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If you are a cheese processor and would like to add your cheeses to our directory, please complete the form below and send it back to us by fax, mail or e-mail.

Please complete one form per cheese. Fields that are marked with (required) are mandatory fields.

  1. Name of cheese (Brand name):  (required) Use your product's brand name.
  2. Organic (required): Check box if your cheese is organic.
  3. Classification of cheese:  (required) Select from one of the categories listed in the Glossary of the Classification of Cheeses included in the Canadian Cheeses Directory.
  4. Characteristics:  (required) Allows you to add further information about your cheese.  For example, for Brie you could say that it has a bloomy rind.
  5. Moisture: _______% (required) (Refer to the Glossary of the Classification of Cheeses)
  6. Fat Content: _______% (required) (Refer to the Glossary of the Classification of Cheeses)
  7. Type of milk:  (required) Select a type of milk
  8. Milk treatment:  (required) Select a milk treatment method
  9. Ripening:  (required) How long is your cheese aged?
  10. Particulars:  Indicate particulars of your cheese such as lactose-free.  If your product has received an award, please indicate it here. Ex: Grand Champion of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, 20xx
  11. Flavours:  Provide information about the taste of your cheese. For example, for Brie, you could say that it has some hazelnut, mushroom and butter flavour.
  12. Type of manufacturing process:  (required) Select the type of manufacturing process (Refer to the Glossary of the Classification of Cheeses).
  13. Processor:  (required) The name of your company.
  14. Contact Information: (required) Please note that your name and telephone number will not appear our website.
  15. Province of manufacture:  (required) In which province is your cheese manufactured?  Indicate Canada if the cheese is produced in more than one province.
  16. Photo of the cheese:  Many consumers visit our site and a picture is worth a thousand words and whets the appetite. Please send us a photo of your cheese by email, if possible.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: 

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Cheese Registration Form

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14. Contact Information

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16. Photo of cheese: If you have a picture of your cheese, please send it to us by e-mail at the following address:



The Canadian Cheese Directory is based on information obtained, on a voluntary basis, by Canadian cheese manufacturers and our own research. This directory is meant to be a comprehensive and accurate listing of Canadian cheeses. The Canadian Dairy Information Centre (CDIC) cannot guaranty the accuracy of all information included in this directory. To obtain further details and information about a specific cheese, we suggest that you contact the respective cheese manufacturer directly.